Ozstudy Solutions Study Tours Programs provide a unique opportunity for the education and professional development of high school and university students, alumni and professionals seeking to 
internationalise their qualifications.

Ozstudy Solutions has a great reputation for the design, delivery and hosting of comprehensive, industry relevant short-term study tours to Australia. We have demonstrated track record in delivering culturally and professionally relevant lectures, tours and workshops that provide participants with an international edge in their chosen discipline.

Our vibrant external engagement culture and resultant strong links with industry allows us to build real-world examples into the curriculum of our tours, inviting industry and government experts to deliver guest lectures and guided site visits. Our tours have a rapidly-developing international reputation for their combination of classroom learning, industry engagement and practical experience that provides participants with a rounded professional engagement with an international edge.

How can you benefit from Ozstudy Solutions study tours programs? 

Universities, industry and government groups can give their education and professional development curriculum a boost by engaging with our programs. We can help you design and develop comprehensive study tour content that is professionally, socially and culturally engaging. We also provide logistical assistance, from booking hotels and transport, to organising meals and social opportunities for your tour group.